MUTEK @ ICAS Suite with CTM + Full Pull

(2011-09-09) MUTEK @ ICAS Suite with CTM + Full Pull



MUTEK touches down at the Berlin Music Week to take part in the ICAS Suite event organized by CTM. ICAS - International Cities for Advanced Sound & Related Arts - is a network for independent, non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing sound cultures, music, and related arts. 

Each day, different ICAS member festivals will be presenting programs that, taken together, reflect the international effervescence of electronic music today. MUTEK and its latin american partners are taking part in no less than three presentations as part of the ICAS Suite.

CTM, MUTEK and Full Pull present (Berlin, Montreal, Malmo) 

11pm - ULF ERIKSSON [SE] - live

12:30am - MOKIRA [SE] - live 

1:15am - JONSSON / ALTER [SE] - live

2am - KASSEM MOSSE [DE] - live

3:30am - THE MOLE [CA] - live

5am OSSIE [UK] - live 

Tickets: 12 euro, available online 

More information: CTM website

September 09, 2011 23:00 - September 10, 2011 06:00

Prinzenstraße 85F
Berlin, Germany

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